What You Can Expect

Simplified Charting

PeerCharts™ simplifies charting and promotes consistency by providing you with a bedside note to supplement your EHR.

Improved Coding

PeerCharts™ Our built-in coding key ensures that you always capture those high acuity cases.

Reduced Errors

PeerCharts™ facilitates charting during the visit, reducing errors and improving your memory of the encounter.

Good News! PeerCharts™, is fully supported on your platform, unrecognized (ver. unknown) running on unrecognized.


  • Windows XP/Vista/7
  • Internet Explorer 8

Internet Explorer 8


  • 1.0 GHz (minimum)
  • 2.0+ GHz (recommended)


  • 1 GB (minimum)
  • 2+ GB (recommended)

Internet Connection

  • Broadband DSL 1.5 Mb connection (minimum)

Adobe Reader

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News and Events

November 6, 2010:
TalkChart and PeerCharts now on Windows, MAC, and Linux
  • Compatibility Update:
    1. Google Chrome 7+ Added
    2. Safari 5+ Added

October 11, 2010:
EvolveMed Launches TalkChart

September 26, 2010:
EvolveMed Launches PeerCharts Online

July 19, 2010:
FreeChart App Update:
  • Patient Import Module
  • Two New Templates
    1. Allergic Reaction
    2. Trauma-Falls/Non-MVC

May 14, 2010:
EvolveMed Re-launches FreeChart v2.0 beta.