Structure and Narrative

PeerCharts Online™ merges the best qualities of templates and narrative into an intuitive rich internet application.Its design embraces complaint-specific content to provide useful clinical and reimbursement guidance, but it doesn’t limit the ability to capture one’s thoughts.

Best of Breed

PeerCharts Online™ is the only medical charting system of it's kind, engineered as a dedicated charting system to meet the needs of a fast paced practice. Functions well as a stand-alone charting system or interfaced as the charting component of any EDIS or EHR.

Your Words

PeerCharts Online™ delivers a chart which may have been quickly created using computer-optimized shortcuts, but every word reads like a carefully composed and edited summation of the patient encounter.Personalized content user interface allows the system to adapt to your charting style.


PeerCharts Online™ eliminates redundancy and accommodates and adapts to the charting style of each user.Each user determines which charting method (normals, pertinent positives, narrative) is most suitable to quickly convey the nuances of the patient encounter and meet reimbursement guidelines.

Good News! PeerCharts Online™, is fully supported on your platform, unrecognized (ver. unknown) running on unrecognized.


  • Windows XP/Vista/7
  • Internet Explorer 8+

Internet Explorer 8


  • 1.0 GHz (minimum)
  • 2.0+ GHz (recommended)


  • 1 GB (minimum)
  • 2+ GB (recommended)

Internet Connection

  • Broadband DSL 1.5 Mb connection (recommended)

Flash Player (For Demos and Tutorials)

Get Adobe Reader

OOXML (.docx)FreeChart .DOCX Format Requirements:

As a cutting edge web-distributed app, FreeChart follows the Office Open XML (OOXML ECMA-376) specification for exporting charts to your desktop or devices. The OOXML format is supported by Microsoft Word 2007 and newer. The OOXML format is also supported by the following applications: SoftMaker Office 2010 Suite, office suite, Apple's TextEdit (included with Mac OS X) and iWork, IBM Lotus Notes, Corel Wordperfect and Google apps.

Recommended Applications: (FreeChart has been tested with these.)

  • Microsoft Office 2007 or newer.
  • Open Office will open, edit, and convert files with the .docx extension.
  • If you have a version of Microsoft Word/Office older than 2007, please install the Microsoft Word Viewer.

What is the basic FreeChart™ concept?

At its core, FreeChart™ is designed to allow the user (positive findings, narrative) and computer (“normals,” structure) to do what they each do best.

What are Pillars of Efficiency?

Pillars of Efficiency are the key components of FreeChart™ that make the system work so well. They are as follows:

  1. Navigator – the menu of body areas and organ systems;
  2. Editor – the template customizer (an enterprise function);
  3. Viewer – the live document screen;
  4. Recorder – in-line dictation narrative (an enterprise function);
  5. Composer – a proprietary Natural Language Composition method for entering findings;
  6. Processor – a Medical Language Specialist for dictation processing (an enterprise function).

What about voice narrative?

Dictation is the fastest and most complete way for a user to document positive findings. Our enterprise version incorporates user-determined in-line voice recording and voice processing.







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FreeChart App

News and Events

November 6, 2010:
TalkChart and PeerCharts now on Windows, MAC, and Linux
  • Compatibility Update:
    1. Google Chrome 7+ Added
    2. Safari 5+ Added

October 11, 2010:
EvolveMed Launches TalkChart

September 26, 2010:
EvolveMed Launches PeerCharts Online

July 19, 2010:
FreeChart App Update:
  • Patient Import Module
  • Two New Templates
    1. Allergic Reaction
    2. Trauma-Falls/Non-MVC

May 14, 2010:
EvolveMed Re-launches FreeChart v2.0 beta.