Frequently Asked Questions

Who created PeerCharts Online™?

PeerCharts Online™ and PeerCharts™ are offered to the medical community by EvolveMed, a pioneer in structured medical charting products and services.

What does offer?

PeerCharts Online™ and PeerCharts™ are online medical documentation products. They can each be used separately, but provide their greatest value when used together.

What is PeerCharts Online™

PeerCharts Online™ is a structured electronic charting app designed to blend the efficiency of customized “normals” with the flexibility of free-form “positive” documentation of patient encounters. It provides a simple way to create an electronic chart that matches the user’s practice pattern and style.

What is PeerCharts™?

PeerCharts™ is a complaint-specific paper charting system. Well-designed templates have proven to be one of the most time- and cost-efficient ways to meet documentation requirements.

What about patient privacy?

PeerCharts Online™ meets or exceeds privacy and security requirements of HIPAA and HITECH legislation. By agreeing to the End User License Agreement (EULA), a requirement to use PeerCharts Online™, you, a Covered Entity, and EvolveMed, a Business Associate, enter into an arrangement whereby each party has duties and obligations to protect the privacy of patient information. You may delete your identifying patient information from the PeerCharts Online™ database.

What about my privacy?

Your information will be private and secure. EvolveMed will not make your personal information available to any third party for any commercial purpose.

Can I customize PeerCharts Online™ content?

PeerCharts Online™ was designed to deliver a chart that matches the words and style of the user. As such, all user content is customizable to the user.

Does the content on PeerCharts Online™ match the content on PeerCharts™?

Content of the two products is closely matched and is amenable to coordinated use. Changes in one product will not automatically change content in the other.

Do the products cover all specialties?

To the extent the body areas and organ systems match the CMS Documentation Guidelines, a chart may easily be completed for any type of patient encounter. That said, we will continue to create specialty templates to meet the specific needs of our customers.

How do I access PeerCharts Online™ products?

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